1. Philosophie

Form follows function…

With this claim, we design timeless solid wood furniture and upholstered beds. Ecological and economic sustainability is not a new trend for us, but has been the highest standard in our thinking and acting in the production of our collections for more than 25 years. Moon is a commitment to lightness, a clear design language and to nature.

2. Concept

512 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Natural surfaces, non-toxic paints, fine fabrics, careful use of resources are the basic building blocks for all furniture from the Moon collections. Longevity and sustainability with selected solid woods such as beech heartwood, American walnut, American cherry or oak characterize the feeling of being able to enjoy beautiful furniture. The highest standards of functionality and processing quality are the basic guidelines for experienced carpenters and upholsterers at Moon Möbelmanufaktur.

3. Design team

Peter Hertel, Sebastian Klarhofer Designer und Architekten seit 1999
Agency for design Hertel & Klarhofer, Berlin
Focus of activity: Möbeldesign Produktdesign

Gerit Hartman Dipl.-Ing. Architekt / Goldschmied / Designer
Focus of activity: Möbeldesign, Produktdesign, strategische

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