Form follows function ...

According to this design principle of design and architecture, we manufacture timeless upholstered beds from high-quality materials.

Economic and ecological sustainability have guided our thoughts and actions for more than 25 years. Made in Germany, we produce each MOON bed individually in our furniture manufactory - with the greatest care and in the highest quality.

The variable height of the side panels of 23 and 30 cm, as well as the choice of different leg heights, offer you a comfortable bed frame height of up to 54 cm. This means that our upholstered beds are suitable for all mattress and insert systems.

The one-piece frame-off cover we developed, which we equip all upholstered beds with, enables the covers to be changed quickly and easily. So even after years you can choose from a wide range of colors in our high-quality fabric and leather collection and give your bed a contemporary character that reflects the development of your aesthetic needs.

Our bed legs are available in natural beech, stained beech, American walnut, American cherry, American oak and in leather or fabric-covered versions.

Hubertus Roggon
Hubertus Roggon


Here you can see the basic shapes of our current upholstered bed models. You can find more information about the upholstered bed collection here.

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Forms, lines and colors merge into design and function. Living, living and sleeping here becomes an experience for the soul. You can find more information about the upholstered bed collection here.

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